SEO Pro for WordPress is an all-in-one tool that boosts the visibility of your page in SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

In this way you will have one of the most powerful SEO tools that will determine an essential improvement in how your site will be indexed by search engines.

In order to provide you with the best advice, SEO Pro uses complex mathematical models and so is one of the few or even the only online tools that use science to generate SEO recommendations.

Score Grade

This score shows the relevance between meta tags elements.A higher score means better relevance.

Live Status

Avoid elemental mistakes on the page with ease with this feature.

Internal Link

Easily insert internal links into your article and thus increase your chances of visibility.


Modify content so that it is as easy to read. This will make the page more visible in SERP.


SEO Basic contains all the elements that are essential to a page for fast indexing and maximum visibility.


SEO Basic PRO contains besides basic content auditing elements so the page will have a boost in the SERP.

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Basic Features

- Works for all post including WooCommerce products

- WooCommerce optimisation included

- Score for essential meta elements and score related

- Live status of optimisation process

- Readability score of your content

- Internal link suggestion

- Density reports your content (see box in top right side of page)

Pro Features

- Content sugestion

- Support for your SEO question you may have

- Smart Content Audit

- No limit for content size

- Support inside current page

Meet the SEO PRO Features!

Score Grade

Score Grade

Basic Feature

Live Status

Live Status

Basic Feature

Internal Link

Internal Link

Basic Feature



Basic Feature

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Really great! Simple and intuitive a great tool for my site!


SEO has never been easier and more effective for a website. Good for you!


I never thought SEO could be simpler. With this plugin you can! Excellent work!


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SEO Pro is more than an SEO tool, it is a complex analysis and recommendation system, created especially for people who do not have SEO knowledge, but they are almost desperate to be on the first pages of search engines SERP.

— This plugin is dedicated to Roxi

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